A place to stop hitting snooze on the biological clock.

I'm clucky AND married!
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Paraphrased from the original clucky profile:
Confused by your body? Do you sometimes wish that you were barefoot and pregnant? Wanting to settle down? Raise a family? It doesn't matter whether you can conceive, whether you are young or old, man or woman. Whether this is just an unreachable or impractical fantasy that you keep coming back to.

If you find your mind wondering about the amazing possibilities of bringing another life into this world, then come here. Enjoy. Rant about your cluckiness without concerning your SO, friends or whoever. Even if you feel your biological clock ticking without your permission.

Frustrated with society's pressure to be a career woman? Angry that men are narrowly stereotyped? Trying to figure out why having kids is so undervalued? Do you feel drawn to the idea of throwing in your job and owning a house and have lots of babies? Irrational, wonderful, beautiful. Rant here, get it off your chest. Talk about your hopes, dreams and secret 'forbidden' desires.

This is a nonsexist, queer friendly community. We welcome MARRIED or persons of any type (e.g. heterosexual, homosexual, and transgender people) or couples in long-term, committed relationships. There are no standards for wanting kids. Please respect other people's feelings.

Be nice to each other here and speak your mind while honoring each other's differences of opinion. There are other communities on LiveJournal for arguments and name-calling.

New members: Due to the nature of discussion here, locked posts are highly recommended.

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